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All Categories > Pumps, Motors, and Dividers for Industrial and Mobile Hydraulic Applications  

Pumps, Motors, and Dividers for Industrial and Mobile Hydraulic Applications

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Hydraulic Pumps

Viking Hydraulic Pumps feature precise tolerances and reduced clearances within the pump to provide high pressures for fluid power applications. They are also used for high pressure industrial transfer and metering applications on clean, filtered, lubricating fluids.

Mounting options include foot mount, C-flange motor mount or four-bolt (M4) motor mount. Lip seals are standard.

The Viking Hydraulic Pump Series includes the following models:

  • GP - Cast Iron Lip Seal Pumps

Hydraulic Motors

Viking Pump offers a wide selection of fixed displacement, high speed hydraulic motors for driving pumps and other equipment at speeds from 500 to 4000 RPM. Needle bearings and high strength gears assure efficient performance and extended service life. Motors are available with either USA 4F17 4-bolt flanges, or SAE A 2-bolt flanges.

These motors can be directly coupled to Viking pumps for compact fluid transfer units (Power Transfer Units). These PTU's are ideal for mobile pump applications where an electric motor driver isn't practical (such as truck mounted oil delivery pumps).


Flow Dividers

Viking Flow Dividers split a fluid flow into two, three, or four equal streams, regardless of differing pressures. These flow dividers are used for a variety of fluid power applications, such as eliminating the need for multiple pumps, and synchronizing hydraulic cylinders. Anti-friction needle bearings, precision ground heat-treated steel gears and case-hardened steel shafts ensure maximum operating life. SAE O-ring porting is standard.


Power Transfer Units

Viking Power Transfer Units (PTUs) are matched positive displacement fluid transfer pumps and hydraulic motors, mounted to a common foot bracket. The positive displacement pumps are available in either external gear or internal gear designs. They are excellent for mobile fluid transfer solutions, or remote, limited space or hazardous locations.

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